When travelling to another country, the best way to get to know the place is through their food. And what better way to get an authentic taste of their cuisine and culture than by trying out the tasty selections served on their street food stalls, hot dog carts and street side restos.

Here are the best street foods of the world that you shouldn’t miss.

Daulat ki chaat in Delhi

Daulat ki chaat is one of the most sought after street food in Delhi. Dubbed as ‘God’s own street food’ or ‘a delicacy for kings,’ Daulat ki chaat is unlike any finger foods served in India. Street food stalls that offer this heavenly dessert line the city during winter. This sweet dish looks like a soft meringue but is more delicious. The combination of creamy and cloudy milk froth (whisked for hours), saffron, sugar and nuts makes this a perfect plate of heaven. The froth dissolves instantly in your tongue, leaving you with a taste of sweetness and a desire for a second or third serving. Different versions of this dish exist in other cities, but the best one is said to be found in the old city. 

Banh mi in Vietnam

Hailed by many as the ‘best sandwich in the world’ the banh mi is a baguette sandwich with pork liver pate, carrots, daikon, herbs and pork slices as fillings. Unlike the French baguette, banh mi has a thin crust and a softer crumb. This makes the baguette easier to bite on and chew, and the sandwich easier to enjoy. This popular sandwich can now be found not only in Vietnam but also everywhere around the world. However, others say nothing still beats the one found in Hoi An.

Currywurst in Berlin

A relatively simple dish, Currywurst has become very popular that a number of street food stalls in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany are already serving it. This finger food has become very well-known that they’ve even concocted a special currywurst ketchup, and is now sold in various grocery stores all over the country. This simple dish – with its mouth-watering skin on or without skin pork sausage, deep fried crispy fries and tasty sauce made of tomato sauce and curry powder – is something every local and tourist would surely want to get more of once they’ve tasted it.

Pizza fritta in Naples

What’s better than pizza? That would be fried pizza. And that’s what pizza fritta is. It’s basically two layers of pizza sealed together and deep-fried to a crisp. A favourite street food in Naples, it’s said to have a cult-like following among the locals. So much so that long lines form beside the stalls that offer these portable slices of goodness and delicious finger foods. 

Dagwood dog in Australia

Just like how the pizza fritta makes an already awesome slice of pizza into something even better, the dagwood dog takes the standard hotdog on a stick to a whole new level. The hotdog is coated with a wheat-flour batter and deep-fried to have a crisp coating. With the tip dipped in tomato sauce and an option to enjoy it with finger foods like fries, the dagwood dog is a snack that locals and tourists just simply love. Also known as the Pluto Pup, this is mostly found in festivals. But nowadays you can find them anywhere in Australia. If you want a classic hotdog sandwich, Australia also has its fair share of street food stalls and carts. And with Yummy Dogs in Sydney, offering mobile catering, you can even have your own hotdog sandwich cooked and prepared in the original cart or stand.

There are so many delicious street foods of the world and this list is only but a tip of the iceberg, When you visit these cities though, make sure you have a bite of their famous street food and experience the city’s culture with every dish.

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