If you’re thinking of hosting a surprise party, planning is crucial. You need to prepare for every little detail – from invitations to decorations to food – and do it discreetly. If you forget to include one thing in your surprise party checklist, this can make a difference in the outcome and can potentially ruin the surprise. To avoid this, here are three essential things you need to do.

1. Pick a theme.

Your plan for the entire party will start with the theme. It’s what will glue everything together. After deciding on a theme you can then choose the venue and menu to go with it. A casual party, for example, can be hosted in your home while comfort food can be served to the guests. Having a hot dog stand serving delicious sandwiches with your choice of hot dogs and relishes can be a great addition to this kind of party. From there, you can then decide on what decorations to put up, what music to play, and how guests should dress for the party. Get creative in picking a theme and be sure it’s from a list of things the guest of honour really likes.

2. Call a friend.

Get a friend to help you plan and prepare for the party. This can be your friend or a friend of the person you’ll be throwing a surprise party for. Just make sure your accomplice is one you can trust to keep everything under wraps. He or she should also be someone who knows a thing or two about planning a surprise party, and knows how to put together a party that will not arouse suspicion from your guest of honour.

3. Get the word out.

What’s a party without guests? Sending invitations should be at the top of your surprise party checklist. You need to be very careful when doing this, though. You need to get the word out about the party but in a manner where only the people on the guest list will see and read the invitations. If you’re sending the invites through Facebook, for example, the safest way to do so is through a private message. You can also create a Facebook event, but be sure to set it to ‘secret’ so only the persons added can see it. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell the guests to keep everything a secret. And if you’re living with the party’s guest of honour, make sure not to give your home phone number for confirmations.

Planning a surprise party can be tricky, but if you nail these three things, everything else will fall into place. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the party with the person you’re throwing it for after seeing his or her stunned face when everybody yells ‘Surprise!’

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