Organising a community event in Sydney to promote a new business, raise the profile of a charity or raise money for a school is a fantastic way to bring people together and publicise your message. With a little bit of planning and a whole lot of people power, you can ensure your event runs smoothly, so you can join in with the fun on the day!

Here are six tips for organising your next community event.

1. Define your goals and stay focused

Whether your purpose is to raise awareness for a cause, gather donations, promote a business, or simply bring the community together, you need to define your goals, and what success will mean. For example, you might have a threshold of donations to meet, or a certain number of people to sign up as charity volunteers. Once you know what you want to achieve, your event plan needs to be focused on the goal, so you stay on track.

2. Organise your team

Working with a team of great people is the backbone of pulling together a successful event. Choose your team wisely by putting out a call to action for people who support your cause, and have a passion for community activities. That way, you'll be able to delegate jobs confidently and be secure in the knowledge that your team will strive to make your event a raging success.

3. Make a 'details' list

Your details list should include all the important aspects that need to be ticked off before your event can go ahead. The details may include:

  • The budget and how to arrange funding.
  • The equipment required.
  • Event catering in Sydney.
  • Permits and licences.
  • Facilities such as toilets and parking.
  • A clean-up plan.

4. Arrange catering

The catering will depend on the type of event you're holding, and the people you expect to attend. A hot dog stand with delicious relishes for example will add to the festive feel of your event for adults and children alike. If you're expecting mainly adults, finger food catering can keep everyone happy. And don’t forget to consider a coffee cart (or two).

5. Entertainment

Arranging appropriate entertainment is a key factor in running a successful event.

If you're holding a family-friendly event, consider face-painters, clowns, costume characters, jumping castles and rides for the little ones. To raise awareness of a cause, seek out guest speakers in the community who are a good match, such as authors, local politicians, professional sports players or television personalities.

6. Promote your event

Last (but certainly not least) on your list is a publicity plan to increase the chances of having solid attendance numbers. There are numerous ways you can promote your event, including via social media, flyer drops and advertisements on local radio. Approach your local newspaper to run a story about your event, and spread the word among appropriate community groups in the lead up to the big day.

Once you have your plan in place, keep things on track by following your list, delegating to appropriate team members, and regularly checking in with each aspect of your event. That way, you can make sure everything runs smoothly on the day, so you achieve your goals.